Social Micro Learning

Communal training alongside work

Mobie Forum – the most versatile online learning platform on the market

Mobie Forum contains the most versatile online learning platform on the market, the Mobie AI-based Learning Experience Platform. In addition to training, the service enables the production, distribution and sales of online courses via a global web shop.

In addition to AI-based online courses, you can include live lectures, project group work in the service’s virtual classroom as well as reflection and sharing of learning with colleagues on the service’s social media in your staff competence development.

The Mobie learning environment has been especially designed for on-the-job communal microlearning (Social Micro Learning), in which the content is divided into 2-3 minute interactive pieces which can be gone through anytime, anywhere. Microlearning requires a lot from an online learning environment, as broad subject matter have to be presented in a short amount of time. For this, the Mobie learning environment includes more than 70 integrated interactive tools for enriching learning materials.

Virtual event that works globally

You can arrange your event anywhere in the world, because Mobie Ltd. has more than 320 data centers globaly in a co-operation with AWS.

Map markings

= Regions.

= Edge locations. Edge locations are AWS data centers designed to deliver services with the lowest latency possible.