Virtual market and sales channel

Mobie Forum – virtual marketplace

Is the cash register not ringing? Are the days getting tedious in an empty retail store?

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly reduced customer flows in shopping centers and brick and mortar retail. Now, there’s a cost effective virtual solution for customer acquisition, personalized customer service and sales.

Mobie Forum enables versatile virtual marketing- and sales events with an easy-to-use web service. Supplementary program can easily be added to an event, either as pre-recorded interactive shows or live-streamed on site. Different competitions and customer surveys can also be conducted easily.

Every store has at its disposal its own interactive showroom for products and services, as well as a personal video meeting room to serve customers. You can contact all the participants of the event via the system’s internal social media, in which you have your own group for all the event participants. Personal product showcase happens in your own video meeting room, in which you can continue to make sales even after the event, and thus offer your customer personalized service – wherever they are. With this, you can expand your customer reach nationwide.

What happens to sales if the customers don’t show up to buy? Mobie Forum contains its own web shop, into which you can bring all your campaign products without having to invest in a web shop of your own. We only charge a small commission of completed transactions. We can also link your campaign products to an existing web shop if you already have one. Also for international trade Mobie Forum also works in international marketing and sales, as Mobie Oy’s server partner is AWS, whose server network covers the whole world. The service scales to very large amounts of users if needed. Mobie Forum – not just your ordinary marketplace

Mobie Virtual Conference

A highly versatile, Finnish virtual event and exposition service.

Virtual event that works globally

You can arrange your event anywhere in the world, because Mobie Ltd. has more than 320 data centers globaly in a co-operation with AWS.

Map markings

= Regions.

= Edge locations. Edge locations are AWS data centers designed to deliver services with the lowest latency possible.