Virtual Expo & Networking

Communal virtual expos and side events

Global expositions and service showcasing, affordably and effectively


With Mobie Forum, exhibitors can showcase their products and services interactively on their own virtual virtual showrooms and network with other event participants. You can make immediate contact with interested clients using encrypted one-on-one video conferences and share the material you want right away.

Your virtual showroom has its own www-page, allowing you to produce interactive product- and service showcases using the service’s numerous tools. The service also includes a full-fledged social media application with its own chats, messages and discussion groups.

Mobie Forum is a new, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to globally showcase your products and services. Its costs are notably low compared to a traditional exhibition. What is more, a Mobie Forum event is remarkably more efficient than a regular webinar.

The service offers exhibition organizers a cost-effective method of producing global events. Once an exposition event has been implemented, you can arrange the event repeatedly. For example, organizers may set up a monthly event with changing themes and speakers. Selling exposition tickets and stands is easy in our global online store. You can also organize events on any of our servers pictured on the map below to ensure your clients the best user experience possible.

Map markings

= Regions.

= Edge locations. Edge locations are AWS data centers designed to deliver services with the lowest latency possible.