Core values in Finnish basic education

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The aim of this course is to get an idea of the core values in Finnish basic education. Values will be examined by starting with a few Finnish government programs in order to get an idea of the timeline, exploring current curriculum, teachers´ values and students´ supporting system and finally getting to principal´s ethics and values. During this course you will also learn to reflect your own values as a school leader and find out some ideas how we can develop the idea of shared values in Finnish schools.

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In Core values in Finnish Education you will study the theme in three lessons:

  1. Core values in Finnish education politics
  2. Values in teachers´ profession:
    The core curriculum for basic education
    Ethical instructions for Finnish teachers
    How to support students´ learning and well-being
  3. Core values and ethical principles of a school leader:
    Ethical instructions for school leaders in Finland
    Pedagogical leadership as a tool for leading a school in an ethical manner

The lessons are independent but you will get the best result if you study them in numerical order. You will also find a voluntary assignment in the end of every lesson. Please, feel also free to ask questions! After uploading all (3) assignments, you will get a feedback and comments from me.

The course will take 1-2 hours of your time depending of the level you want to accomplish the voluntary assignments.

After completing this course you are able to learn about how we carried out an ethical project in my school. Just join in my course “A story of the ethical project carried out in Kytöpuisto elementary school.”

Welcome to the course!